Forests and Human Health July-1-2009

Coordinator’s word

Last year saw a lot of activity by the ForHealth Task Force. We promoted Forests and Human Health -theme in several international events. In Finland, several public health and forestry institutions together with private enterprises have started discussions to establish a National Forum on Forests and Human Health.

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The Korean Forum on Forests and Human Health

Korea has a long history of forest utilization for human health purposes. The Korean Forum on Forest and Human Health is to provide valuable research results, theories, and management alternatives for improvement of forest and human health.

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Book Reviews:



Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity (2008)

Human Health and Forests: A Global Overview of Issues, Practice and Policy (2008)  

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New Research

Exposure to green environment reduces health inequalities

The study shows that in the greenest environments the relation between income deprivation and both all-cause and circulatory disease mortality was much weaker than in less green areas.

Berries and healthier life

Scientific evidence is mounting on the link between consumption of colorful forest berries and living a longer, healthier life.

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Health Impact Assessment

With is partners the task force has started a process of drafting health impact assessment quidelines for forest related projects (F-HIA). In a few weeks’ time we’ll have the preliminary sketch on our netsite for comments and additions by our members.

Also ticks can be a vector for many dangerous diseases.


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Research program: Well-being from Forests

Metla has started a new research program Well-being from Forests, which concentrates on the possibilities and problems connected to using forests for health and recreation purposes. This will be a rising trend all over the world and it is accompanied by increase of potential conflicts between different uses and user groups.

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Future events of the ForHealth Task Force

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