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Welcome to reveal the secrets of annual rings under the Midnight Sun

On behalf of the organizers of WorldDendro 2010 I have the pleasure to invite You to attend the 8th International Conference on Dendrochronology in June 13-18, 2010 in Rovaniemi, Finland. We promise to do our best in arranging a high-grade scientific meeting in a relaxed and exciting atmosphere at the Arctic Circle. We are ready to host about 400 scientists interested in the "inside" information of annual rings in solving environmental and cultural questions arising in many scientific disciplines. The specific theme of the conference is climate change, one of the greatest challenges of our time.


Join us and make all this possible. In this newsletter, you find some first information about the conference. Please visit our website and send the abstract of your presentation before mid October.


Hoping to see You in Rovaniemi in June 2010


Kari Mielikäinen

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Photo: Erkki Oksanen /Metla


7641 tree-rings of Scots Pine

The growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) is highly sensitive to June-July temperatures at the Finnish pine timberline in Lapland. Exceptional preservation of pine wood and its accumulation in non-oxygen muddy bottoms of ice-cold lakes have made it possible to build a 7641-years long continuous tree-ring chronology.

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Rovaniemi is the city of Midnight Sun and Santa... is there anything else?

Worlddendro 2010 takes place in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. The city lies on the Arctic circle, but it is well connected with the rest of the world by plane. The capital of Lapland is popular with over 500 000 visitors per year. We asked some locals what is good in Rovaniemi.

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